Cardano(ADA) Payments Coming All Across Africa including Retails And Merchants

OTI has announced a partnership with World Mobile to enable global merchants and retailers to accept Cardano(ADA) payments all across Africa.

This is the first time that Cardano (ADA) will be used in Africa for payments. The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the intention of developing a mobile wallet and other solutions for cryptocurrency transactions.

The new partnership is expected to create significant benefits for African merchants and shoppers.

Merchants will be able to accept payments in ADA, which will allow them to increase their customer base significantly.

Shoppers will also benefit from this as they can use their digital wallets on their smartphones or tablets instead of carrying physical cash around.

Yair Testa, Head of Business Development at COTI said:

“We are happy to be partnering with World Mobile for such a good cause. We believe that this partnership will start with the integration of ADA Pay and has the potential to expand to the integration of Djed and $COTI. We are eager to watch the partnership grow.” 

Charles Barnett, Chief Business Officer at World Mobile, added
“With crypto mass adoption as the main objective, World Mobile is proud to partner with COTI to bring ADA Pay to the rest of Africa, and the world.” 

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