CleanSpark the Bitcoin Miner Revenue Rises by 400% in 2021

CleanSpark is the first and only sustainable bitcoin mining company in the world. It does not consume any fossil fuels or rely on any animal byproducts.

CleanSpark’s revenue has risen 400% in 2021, and they are on track to hit their goal of generating $50 million in revenue for the fiscal year, according to CEO Doug Robinson.

The company operates through a clean-burning process that can be scrubbed 100% of emissions.

CleanSpark is a company that is focused on generating sustainable and economical cryptocurrency mining. They have already generated $50 million in revenue for their fiscal year, which they attribute to two main factors:

A) Innovative solutions to draw up bitcoin miners

B) Cutting edge technology that uses air as the fuel for bitcoin mining.

In an earnings call Tuesday, CleanSpark CEO Zach Bradford called CleanSpark “incredibly undervalued” and highlighted the company’s energy expertise. “We are deploying advanced technologies like renewable energy assets and immersion cooling to make our operations more efficient,” Bradford said. “These efficiency enhancements are expected to increase production and decrease operating costs at all our facilities.”

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