Crypto Security in 2022: Beware of DeFi Hacks and Exchange Outages

A lot has changed in the crypto industry in the last year. There are new exchanges, new protocols, and many new projects that are making their way into the space. There’s a lot to keep in mind on Crypto Security in 2022.

The most interesting thing about this is that we still don’t know which projects will survive and which will fail. But we do know that there’s a lot of money on the line for those who make it big. So what can we expect from crypto security in 2022?

With the increase in the number of cryptocurrencies and their growing adoption by both individual users and enterprises, there has also been an increase in other types of crypto-related security breaches. And these are not just limited to hacking attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets. There have been several cases where private keys have been stolen, leading to large-scale security breaches.

It’s not just the exchanges and wallets that need to worry about security. Once people open their crypto wallets, they will be susceptible to hacks and other malicious activities.

The vast majority of common crypto mistakes are made by noobs who don’t know much about the industry or how it works – such as: sending cryptocurrency to a wrong address; forgetting wallet password; failing to maintain a backup; storing funds on an insecure site. These kinds of mistakes may lead to unwanted loss and security hacks of cryptocurrencies.

There is no such thing as a risk-free position. The safest position in the crypto space is to be the custodian of your own coins. There are two ways that individuals can safeguard their coins and assets:

1) By using a decentralized exchange (or DEx): These exchanges are like peer-to-peer networks and do not rely on a third party to hold customer funds.

2) By holding your own private keys: This means you keep your key in the form of a string of random words or numbers, which proves ownership of an address


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