Cryptocurrency Price Update: Now vs All-Time High

Bitcoin’s broader outlook remains constructive regardless of the recent pulldown. The cryptocurrency fell below the support level of $56,942, the Oct. 23 low, which has opened the doors for a deeper pullback.

Comparing it to the All-time high, the cryptocurrency had reached up to $68,852 this month only.

“There hasn’t been any strong catalyst to propel bitcoin’s price forward, and whales [large investors] have not been accumulating like they did in previous bull runs – which paints how global macro uncertainties have kept prices muted,” Stack Funds’ NEO said.

Similarly, the ethereum had also got some drops of about 2% and is now down to $4,166.

Here’s some top cryptocurrency’s current price vs All-time high.

Similarly, the price of Cardano, ripple, polkado and Solano all fell in the trading hours of 23rd November.

You can find all the cryptocurrency current prices and value here at coindesk.

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