Gibraltar to integrate blockchain into its legacy systems

Gibraltar has announced their intention to integrate blockchain technology into its government systems in order to improve the delivery of its public services, announced by the Government of Gibraltar in a press release on Tuesday.

The Gibraltar Government has plans to take the eGov system to the next level by adding new features that will make this system even more efficient. The government wants to create an ecosystem where residents and businesses can interact with each other in a secure environment.

The new features will include contactless payments, document authentications via blockchain technology, and digital IDs for residents. It will also include a digital platform for handling information related to security, emergency services, health care, transport, communications, and finance.

They are looking to use blockchain technology to improve the speed and efficiency of government processes and public interaction.

Blockchain technology is the perfect solution for Gibraltar since it is already a hub for fast-moving financial firms, many of which are already investing in or exploring blockchain projects.

These new proposals will allow for real-time updates on government processes, which will provide more transparency on how money is being spent and generate opportunities for entrepreneurs in the digital space.

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