NEBTC coming soon with their own Blockchain, NeewBlockchain

NEBTC is coming with their own Blockchain, NeewBlockchain. It is a new blockchain that will be used to power the NEBTC platform and the NEBTC ecosystem.

It will be a new system that will allow users to trade digital assets and create smart contracts on it. The company plans to provide an environment where different industries can collaborate and work together in order to build a better world.

The NEBTC team has been working on this project for over a year. They have already established partnerships with companies like Addidas, Nike, Rakuten, and McDonalds to create a blockchain ecosystem that will power the next generation of enterprise applications.

Neewblockchain has a transaction per second (TPS) of 500 which is 10x faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also has lower transaction fees and faster block time in comparison to other cryptos in the market.

It also uses an energy-efficient consensus algorithm which means that it doesn’t require any mining hardware or electricity to verify transactions.

Here’s the comparison between NeewBlockchain and other top blockchains in the market.

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