Pollen DeFi announces ‘Beta’ release of platform

New Delhi: Decentralized asset management protocol Pollen DeFi has announced that its ‘Beta’ release will enable users to contribute to the continual balancing of a singular central asset pool that will back up a tradable asset token.

Pollen Defi enables community members to create their own indexes or portfolios based on popular crypto coins or tokens.

Pollen DeFi stated that the protocol will be open to whitelisted users who can begin building community credibility (in the form of a ‘reputation’ score), compete for a position on the community leaderboard, and, in turn, will have a chance to earn mainnet Pollen ($PLN) governance tokens.

It added that Pollen DeFi aims to push ‘DeFi’ into the ‘DeFi 2.0’ era by moving beyond institutional imitation and removing centralized ‘middlemen’ and that the platform instead empowers user-curated cryptocurrency asset pools that are constantly refined via a merit-based balancing of users’ portfolio suggestions.

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