Salman Khan reveals crypto token GARI

GARI is India’s first-ever crypto-asset and will be initially launched by Chingari, a micro-content, short video platform. Gari Tokens are awarded to you every time you create a video on Chingari. 

Khan announced the news on Twitter, “I am officially launching Chingari’s in-app GARI Tokens reward program & its NFT Marketplace. You can buy my Video NFTs, exclusively on the GARI NFT Marketplace. Cheers to a new chapter in Content Creation & Monetisation!!! #ChingariKiGari #GariTokens.”

What is a $GARI token?

Short-form video app Chingari has entered the cryptocurrency realm with its crypto token GARI. GARI, a fungible blockchain token, will function “both a future in-app money and a governance token,” according to the company. The token will be created in collaboration with the Solana blockchain.

Social tokens are digital assets that are backed by a person, brand, or community. “They allow creators to receive more equitable pay and forge deeper relationships within audiences,” the company said.

“We introduce GARI as a social token for the community of Chingari creators that will give them governance authority over the future platform developments through the DAO and create a circular economy,” the video application further elaborated.

Source: ZeeNews India)


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