New SHIB Whale Holds 3.2 Trillion Shiba Inu Tokens

According to WhaleStats, the crypto market has witnessed the birth of a new SHIB whale. The anonymous buyer, who has been on a recent accumulation spree, now holds nearly 3.2 trillion SHIB tokens.

In three large transactions, the SHIB whale bought $120,342,829 million worth of Shiba Inu to join the growing list of large holders for the dog-themed coin.

The first large transaction appeared on the blockchain about two days ago when the whale bought nearly 3.15 trillion Shiba Inu tokens, or $105,487,757 worth. This was followed by two transactions within a period of 30 minutes of 84.7 billion SHIB ($3,233,066) and 8 billion SHIB ($275,776) on Dec. 7.


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