Star Kim Kardashian promotes Ethereum Max on Insta

Reality TV megastar and influencer, Kendall Jenner, has posted a paid advertisement for Ethereum Max cryptocurrency token. The star Kim Kardashian promotes Ethereum Max having huge followers on Instagram.

This article will explore the decision of Reality TV mega star and influencer Kendall Jenner to post a paid advertisement promoting Ethereum Max cryptocurrency token.

Reality TV megastar and influencer Kendall Jenner has over 250 million Instagram followers. This is why she was chosen to promote the Ethereum Max cryptocurrency token by this start-up company. The company wants its product to be seen by as many people as possible in hopes that they will eventually buy it or invest in it. When celebrities are recruited for advertisements, their engagement with the brand is often high because they are already familiar with the products being advertised through previous experience or other forms of media.

This ad is reportedly the most expensive in crypto promotion history where Kim pocketed up to $1 million.

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