Ubisoft doubling down its crypto ambitions with new partnership with Hedera network

Ubisoft, a French multinational video game developer and publisher, is joining Google, IBM, Wipro, LG, and others on Hedera’s governing council as it doubles down on crypto.

This move comes in the wake of backlash from gamers for its blockchain ambitions. Ubisoft believes that Hedera’s platform will be a key enabler of its future digital transformation strategy.

The gaming giant is doubling down on crypto despite backlash from gamers for its blockchain ambitions by partnering with the Hedera Hashgraph platform.

Ubisoft has been looking for new ways to grow its business in the past few years, and it is exploring opportunities in the blockchain space.

The gaming giant has partnered with Hedera, a distributed ledger technology company that aims to offer scalability and security for enterprise-level blockchain solutions.

The governing council already includes 25 other companies – including Google, Boeing, Tata Communications, Wipro and IBM – but Ubisoft will be the first from the gaming industry.

The company will be sitting alongside Google, IBM, Wipro, Tata Communications, LG, and Boeing as part of the Hedera Governing Council. The Hedera network’s native cryptocurrency is called HBAR but the platform does not use blockchain technology.

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